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Brake Drums


Larger Parcels – Next Day Delivery – Whilst we endeavour to meet your subsequent day delivery, with Larger Parcels on odd occasions there possibly a delay with delivery. But if you choose a sub-track, all incoming MIDI notes are handed on on to the sub-track’s channel strip with its instrument plug-in, which means you can play the sound chromatically and polyphonically. This is nice for playing pitched kick drum or hello-hat melodies. Make sure the instrument plug-in for the particular sub-track has key monitoring turned on and is ready to polyphonic operation.

Mapex Saturn V Ltd Version 22” 5pc Shell Pack, Quilted Maple

Richard Jupp Drum Lecturer, Manchester Richard Jupp is the co-founder, songwriter and drummer within the award successful band Elbow, with whom he carried out and recorded for over 25 years. In that point he toured the world enjoying at the entire major music venues, festivals, arenas and … Read More