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The Values Of Nature In Music

nature music

By the top of the struggle the voice of Ludwig Koch was a well-known one on the radio. Indeed, by then his popularity was so nice that he was a household name, and his extraordinary and attribute type of English, which naturally turned a source of fun for the comedians of the time, was undoubtedly partly answerable for his success. He used to roughly sing the English language, while at the same time rarely departing from the German pronunciation of ‘w’ as ‘v’; ‘th’ as ‘s’ and ‘z’ like ‘ts’ so one heard, for instance “Sur singing off-scales. Ant so sur tales off sailors who haf damage veird ant eerie soudss got here to life. Ant also sure age-long stories off sur mermaids sing-ing on sur rocks”.

Why Music Can Actually Make Us Lose Track Of Time

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